Sahra's latest CD (2010 CFMA nominated)

A collection of instrumental music that's close to Sahra's heart

1. Born of a Summer's Day (Brian Pickell)
2. The Birthday Waltz (Nicholas Williams)
3. L'aube dans les Yeux (Sahra Featherstone)
4. Mist Covered Mountains /Pipe on the Hob (Trad. Irish Jigs) 
5. Solaris (Jason Fowler)
6. Achiltibuie (Duncan Cameron)
7. Give Me Your Hand (Ruiari Dall O'Cathain)
8. Shalom Aleichem (Trad. Jewish Hymn)
9. Sahra's Violin (Michael Birthelmer)
10. February (Sahra Featherstone)

Sahra's first solo, self-titled CD (2003)

1. Joshua's Song*
2. Berkley Springs**
3. Clergyman's Lament
4. Funky Butterfly
5. Deep Green Waltz***
6. Carolan's Welcome
7. L'aube dans les Yeux*
8. Queen's Marsh
9. King of the Fairies
10. Sage*

*Composed by Sahra Featherstone
**Composed by David Essig
***Composed by Nicholas Williams

Fig for a Kiss • Fallen Leaf (2006 CFMA nominated)

In addition to her solo albums, Sahra also has an album with her Celtic band, Fig for a Kiss, called Fallen Leaf.

1. Stopped Clock Walk*
2. Raglan Road
3. The Gentle Reproach Set*
4. Turtle and the Bagpipe**
5. Achiltibuie*
6. Pipe on the Hob
7. Foxhunter
8. Tamblyn Tunes***
9. Twenty-Six and a Day*
10. Raglan Road [short version]

* composed by Duncan Cameron
** words: Shel Silverstein; music: DC
*** by Ian Tamblyn and DC

Kevin Hutchings • Songs of William Blake (2007)