Another Bloody Folk Club, Toronto

Over the past several years of mainly touring in bands with my violin, it has been rare that I play solo harp shows. So when Mary and Paul Read invited me to be one of their featured guests at Another… Read more

Great reunion with Scarlett Jane

Last Thursday June 5th I played with Scarlett Jane and their new smokin full band (Sly Juhas, Tom Juhas and Ryan Gavel) at The Drake Underground, and it was a great, rockin' show. I had a great time trading solos…Read more

My new music buddy, Jay Aymar

I've been playing with Jay Aymar lately. He's a great singer/songwriter and a pretty hilarious guy. Recently I joined him for a big show in Toronto at Hugh's Room, and this summer I'm looking forward to joining him on tour…Read more

the rock gig was fun

Last Wednesday April 30th I played as part of a showcase for Steve Costello at the Horseshoe, in Toronto. It was really fun! My long-time buddy Robert Sibony was drumming and got me in on the gig as a return…Read more

St Patrick's was epic

Monday was St Pat's Day, and the first one I've been home for in 3 years. Always a busy day for fiddle players, I played between 11am and 10:30pm at two different Irish Pubs in Toronto: The Overdraught on Front…Read more

Highlights from 2013

In my further effort to tidy up but still preserve the information that has been on my HOME page for a while, here are the musical highlights from 2013:

The Fugitives: Toronto to Halifax tour, October to November (16…Read more

Remembering 2012

Now that we're getting deeper into 2014, it feels like 2012 is old news, but because it was such a memorable year of musical opportunities, I'd like to post the highlights for posterity: 
Looking back on 2012:

Two thousand twelve… Read more

New Video & Website Update

I've been updating my website the last few days! Made lots of additions and design changes, I've posted videos and new content and there's more to come. The latest and greatest achievement is my new music video! Filmmaker Dale SoodRead more

I have posted the new CD

 I've finally put the music from my new CD, Born of a Summer's Day, up on my site-wide player, so you can have a listen if you missed the CD Release Show back in June.  It is for sale directly…Read more

Welcome to my new Website!!

Fall, 2008
Welcome, Everyone! This is Sahra here and I am very happy to be setting up a new website. My old one was terribly out of date and then mysteriously disappeared altogether, so I figured it was a…Read more